HL 违者必究微互动录音

本音频由下属英文名得计划,团队义务只提供,未经批准严禁转载或用于商业用途,违者必究。 HL 违者必究微互动录音

It is all about you have to go to the pub. Pop going is by far the most popular hobby in Britain and the UK has over 60000 pounds. And we have over 25 million royal park customers. The pub is the central part of British life in culture and if you have. Been to a pub. You haven\\\’t seen Britain OK i\\\’ll answer this one for you. Is short for public House and the public and the owner of the pub, the public and he opens a part of his House or her House to the public. Hence the name, public health club. It\\\’s a bit like having a.Party in your own home every day. So the home like quality of the British pub, perhaps y tour ists find out comes more clothes and welcome in then bars and cafe in other parts of the world. So there is one important external feature, which can tell you immediately.That it is a pop and that is the pop sign. So the pop sign is mounted about 15 to 25 feet from the ground, so it\\\’s very high up. You can see it from a long distance. You can see it from the end of the street. Sometimes it\\\’s swing on a wooden frame. At the Top of the pole outside the building, sometimes the sign is attached to the building. So the sign er is quite big play the name of the pub. And a PIC torial representation of the name and the most common names of English pub many, many times have the same name. Us com on ones are the red lion, the royal oak, the white hot, the rose and crown. The one.Horse the kings head. The kings on. So why do English people have these rather strange name. But to explain this we need to look back in history because pop star over a thousand years old, not the actual comes, but the the concept of English pub.It\\\’s a thousand years old. And at that time, most of the pub customers couldn\\\’t read or write. So the pop wood have a picture of its name, as you can see the king had it\\\’s a picture of the kings head so that they a litter of an educated customers could look at the sign and know the name of the pop. Without reading the words. Now experience experienced native pop girls. Obey the UN spoken rules. But without being conscious of doing so so regular a will humble and grow nand complain when a tourist comes into the pub. And.Breaks the secret of rooms or pub ticket. But a justice native speakers have problems explain in the gra matic rules of their own language. Pop girls. Find it a little bit difficult to explain problems. But that\\\’s what we\\\’re going to try to do this evening. I am going to try to.Explain problems. Yes, as someone has correct li pointed out. Room number one. There is no way to service no way to know waitress in British pop never, ever. You have to go up to the bar to buy your drinks and then you carry them back to the table. And one of the funny things for the bridge. The person in the park is watching tour ists come in foreign tourist sitting down in the park and waiting for the way to or waitress and of course the way to or waitress never comes. And it takes usually about 10 minutes before they realize all, I have to go and get my drinks myself. And everyone.Goes to the bar to buy the drink themselves. No one is example from this room. No matter how important you are, you will not get waiter or waitress service in the pub. Number to simple it is customer for only one or two people depending on how many drinks you need to go to the bar.有whole group。

If your whole group of friends, six people all proud up to the bar. Waiting for your drinks, then the bus stop the pop dance off will become quite angry because large parts of people crowd in the bar counter gets in the way of the the business of the park. So rude. Only one person should go to the bar to collect the drinks. Two people if you need a lot of drinks. Now still part of rule number two is actually order ING your drink. U notice that in the pub, on the bar counter of the pop. This is the only place in Britain where anything is so.Sold served without AQ. So we don\\\’t care in the park, however, there is a kind of invisible q in the park. Now this is quite speaking and it\\\’s difficult to explain, but the q is still there. The bus stop and the customers, r.Care of each person, position in the invisible q, and still part of number to rule number to never ever try to jump the invisible kill. There are strict rules of tickets involved in attract ING the attention of bus stop. The object is to catch the balm. 我爸没catch the balm and I eye contact is all that is necessary to ensure that you have been started and then you will be served when it\\\’s your turn. Don\\\’t call out to the bus stop, don\\\’t tap tap your hand on the counter. Don\\\’t bring your hand hand on the counter, don\\\’t shout for service.Although fell down please, and don\\\’t waste money about. In fact, it\\\’s best to avoid all speech obvious gesture. Just make eye contact with the balm or the bar maid, rule number for simple. If you wish to pay for your drinks at the end of the evening like we do in China.So in China we all the drinks all night long and then at the end of the evening we pay for your drinks. In the British pop, this is impossible. Every time you go to the bar to collect your drink, u pay. And most people will only accept cash. Maybe some larger modern pub will accept bank. Cards, but generally the rule in the park is pay cash and actually other customers will get a little bit of noise if you tried to pay by card because it takes time for the bottom of the bomb it to make the card transaction. So everyone prefer cash.So we don\\\’t leave a cash tip for the balm or by my ever. That is absolutely forbid. However.And we do that when we order our next drink at the end of my order, I will say. And one for yourself, or and will you have one yourself? So I\\\’m offering to buy them a drink. And if it\\\’s not busy, they will serve themselves the drink, there and then however it\\\’s a. He really busy time. They may for themselves the drink, 1283 hours later and usually when they raise the glass to the mouth they will make eye contact with you and maybe just raise the glass not the head to knowledge and say thank you for buying me this drink. Sorry, it\\\’s 7 I am getting ahead of myself.So rule number seven is the argument. Now the power is actually an enjoyable game. No strong view necessary to engage in the parliament and usually a regular customer. A pop regular will often starting argument about anything.Just for the fun of it. And anyone is welcome to join the arguments o. Regular might say something out of ages and controver是such as you know what I think women shouldn\\\’t be allowed to go in pub. And then of course there will be a 510 minutes on the subject. Of course, the person who start the argument usually. Doesn\\\’t hold that you they just say something a little of ages. Just to get the argument going. And after about 10 minutes of going on the subject, everyone comes down, every one gets a little bit board, the arguments on side and then somebody would say something like anyway. Nice weather today was it. And the argument.Is quickly forgotten, now, round by to a native. A native English public girl is secret. Not buying your round is more than breaking the rules. It is absolutely illegal and forbid. So if there are five of us and we going to the pub.One of us and it\\\’s a good idea to try to be the first one. It\\\’s just a kind of show of polite ness and willing to 1 be the first one. One of us will go to the bar and by five drinks and then bring them back to the table. And then the next time when we finish that first drink r. Another person will go. And usually that means we will have five drinks. Now if we only have for drinks, that means one person has not bought the round. Now this is interesting because what will happen almost natural. And very, very quickly and smooth li without much discussion.The group of 10 will split into two groups of five.Continue in our normal round buying system. We are four people. The first person by the round for drinks. The second person by the round of for drinks, the 3rd person by the round of for drinks and then the forth the last person by the round for drinks. But we have two more drinks. The first person. It\\\’s a second round for drinks. The second person by a second round of for drinks. And the 3rd and four person do not by the second round. This is acceptable. The order can never change. If I am the first person, I will be the first person, 失败。 HL 违者必究微互动录音

The whole evening I will be a person number one in the round system, the second person will be the second person in the order of the round for the whole evening. So personal three and person for go home with more money because they didn\\\’t have to buy that second round. And it is generally accepted that all the time the.And four person. They will, bye next round maybe tomorrow or maybe next week or maybe two weeks later, but somehow this mathematics equation stay in our hands. We are always a way who should be buying the extra round. Yes, it\\\’s perfect. Be acceptable to refuse a drink in someone\\\’s round, even if it\\\’s your round, a, it\\\’s unusual if it\\\’s your round and you refuse the drink for yourself. Someone might think you are trying to save money. Because that\\\’s the round your pain for but if you are obviously drinking.Slower than others. It is acceptable to refuse a drink in around, but this doesn\\\’t change. Anything about the round system. We will continue as normal. Now most is short at 11 PM. And the owner all member of staff at about 1040.We shout. Last orders please or last orders, ladies and gentlemen. Last order at the bar now please. Now, when we here last orders, something strange happens. We were very very quickly finish the drink in our hand. And almost every time we will. Go to the bar and buy one last round, regardless of whether we want to know the drink or not. So when the Bell ring ding and some one shots last orders please you ll see everyone quickly finish the drink and rushed to the box to get one last round. And we do this automatically, as I said, whether we want another drink or not, all part.Because we know that they are quite complex and these rules, r all most part of our DNA we grow up with these rules. We that we are bread understanding the rules, so wrong, number 10. You don\\\’t need to follow the rules because you are not English but if you want to fit in simply observe the behavior. Of the great of other people in the bar and copy them. So those are the rules of going to an English park and I will now please you some text to accompany this episode. So i\\\’ll send you some of the text articles that I based this episode on. So thanks very much for listening and i\\\’ll see you next week goodbye.