A sort of captured by the king who thought that she could spend some gold out of some common thread. What that she could go through,这都是因为他的老爸说了一些大话,于是国王以为这个女孩呢,可以放出金线来,于是就把他。 HL888故事-Cinderumpelstiltskin

The queen didn\\\’t want to give him the child post to skin said OK I will leave if you can guess what my name is,因为他从来没有告诉过他,这个他自己的名字搜的,girl or the queen have no idea that the little man\\\’s name was wrong, people still skin and it\\\’s pretty weird name, right? So she get every day and day. 灰姑娘想去舞会,但是去不了,just then a little man appear. Please don\\\’t cry. He said I can help you spin strong into gold, 他说我可以帮你把稻草纺成金线。 HL888故事-Cinderumpelstiltskin

I don\\\’t think that will do me much good. I need you. If you don\\\’t have a dress, it doesn\\\’t really matter. Just get the name any name. I\\\’m not supposed to talk to strangers said Cinderella, then she closed the door and left the little man standing outside screen skin to skin to skin, when the step the and steps. You think it\\\’s Cinderella? What do you think it\\\’s the other girl in the other story? I don\\\’t know I think it\\\’s in这里指的是性别乱了,因为他本可以穿的好好的去不会,但是这好像也不能怪他,因为来的人不对,并不是very good mother,而是一个厄,另一个故事里面乱入的人。 HL888故事-Cinderumpelstiltskin